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Breach of Contract

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Contractual relationships are critical to starting a business, managing it, and seeing that it succeeds. As a business owner or manager, you rely on the services, assistance, and support from your employees as well as others critical to your enterprise, from vendors to distributors, and more. As an employee with an employment contract, you rely on your employer to adhere to the provisions of your contract in good faith. Thoughtfully drafted employment contracts with clarity of language in their provisions can be key to the avoidance of contract disputes. However, when either party fails to abide by the contract, it can have a significant impact on the life and financial stability of either or both sides. 

At the Law Office of Ruth Ann Azeredo LLC, we have extensive experience in resolving breach of contract matters for employees and employers in all types of businesses and industries. Our attorney’s decades-long focus on employment law means our firm is well-equipped to help you resolve the matter, whether through negotiation, arbitration, or in civil litigation. As a skilled employment lawyer, Attorney Azeredo handles these cases with thorough attention to detail, research, and case preparation to give you the best chance of a positive result. 

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Breach of Contracts in Employment Law

Various aspects of employment of all kinds may be established under different types of contracts. These commonly involve executives, such as CEOs and CFOs, and other professionals who have negotiated special employment terms or conditions. Contract law may also apply to independent contractors. 

These employment contracts lay out the details of all types of issues in employment, such as job duties, compensation, benefits, starting and ending dates of employment, time off, medical insurance coverage, sick leave, employee classification, and other matters. They may also cover how to resolve any disagreements or disputes arising during employment through specific remedies, such as arbitration.  These can be agreed upon prior to or once employment begins and their terms may be re-negotiated during the employment period as needed. These are ideally written contracts and thus subject to contract law

What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when a party to the agreement fails to fulfill his or her contractual obligations, either partially or completely. 

Examples of employment contracts that may be breached can include:

  • Employment agreements. This is the main type of general contract between an employer and an employee or independent contractor that outlines the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Non-compete agreements. These agreements restrict employees from competing against the employer after leaving the job, usually for a specified period.
  • Severance agreements. These are contracts that outline the payment, benefits, rights, and duties when an employee leaves the company due to layoffs, restructuring, or termination.
  • Confidentiality agreements (or “non-disclosure agreements”). These are contracts signed by employees that prohibit them from disclosing any confidential business information they come across during their tenure with the company.

Potential Consequences of an Employment Breach of Contract

Breaches of contracts in employment law can have a variety of consequences. Depending on the severity and intent of the breach, as an employer, you could be subject to legal action from your employee. For example, if an employee was wrongfully dismissed, he or she may be eligible for job reinstatement or employment in a similar job, as well as monetary compensation. If found guilty, employers may also face damages for the other party’s emotional distress or punitive damages for extreme cases of malice or intentional disregard of the contract. Employers should also be aware that a breach of contract can lead to negative publicity and long-term damage to their reputation.

For employees who are found in breach of contract, you may be subject to disciplinary action, such as suspension or dismissal, and/or may face legal action in terms of having to pay compensation for any losses you caused. 

How Can I Prove a Breach of Contract?

Proving a breach of contract typically involves demonstrating the following key elements:

  • Existence of a Valid Contract: To begin, you must prove that a valid contract is in place. This includes showing an offer, acceptance, consideration (something of value given), and a shared purpose to enter into a contract.
  • Contract Terms: Clearly state the contract's terms and conditions, including obligations, important dates, and any particular demands that both parties have agreed upon.
  • Breach: Prove that one party didn't carry out their commitments under the contract. This may involve a performance slip-up, a delay, or a below-par effort.
  • Notice of Breach: It is essential to inform the other party in writing of the breach and provide them a reasonable amount of time, as stipulated in the contract or by Maryland law, to remedy it.
  • Damages: Show that you suffered actual damages as a direct result of the breach. This might include financial losses, additional costs, or missed opportunities.

In a breach of contract claim, detailed documentation, such as the contract itself, correspondence, invoices, and evidence of damages, is crucial. It's advisable to consult with an experienced Annapolis employment contracts lawyer with a thorough knowledge of contract law to navigate this process effectively.

Put Our Experienced Annapolis Employment Contracts Lawyer on Your Side

If you are facing a breach of contract, the Law Office of Ruth Ann Azeredo can help by reviewing the terms of the contract to understand what rights and obligations are being breached, provide advice on your best course of action, and recommend potential remedies, including the potential for filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action to seek redress for any damages caused by the breach. 

Call (240) 734-3033 to discuss your case with our qualified breach of contract lawyer in Maryland. 

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